Result = ErrorCode()
Returns the error code of the currently handled error. This command only returns a meaningful value if there was an error handled by OnErrorCall() or OnErrorGoto().

Return value

Returns one of the following values:
  #PB_OnError_InvalidMemory         : Read or write operation on an invalid location
  #PB_OnError_Floatingpoint         : Floating-point error
  #PB_OnError_Breakpoint            : Debugger breakpoint reached (non-PureBasic breakpoints)
  #PB_OnError_IllegalInstruction    : Attempt to execute an illegal instruction
  #PB_OnError_PriviledgedInstruction: Attempt to execute a privileged (system-) instruction
  #PB_OnError_DivideByZero          : Division by zero (Windows only)
Linux and Mac OSX report #PB_OnError_Floatingpoint for division by zero errors.

In addition, every OS may have more possible error values. On Windows, custom errors can be raised with the RaiseError() command.

Supported OS


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